Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lab School Lecture Series 2012-2013

The Lab School of Washington will present a lecture series for parents and professionals this school year. The topics will focus on issues of parenting, managing, and teaching students with learning disabilities.

Each lecture takes place from 7:30-9 pm and includes audience discussion. Lectures are held in the commons area of the Lab School, which is located at 4759 Reservoir Road, NW, in DC. All lectures are free. Register online.

For more information, contact Wendy Jennis at 202-944-3321 or

September 12: Raise Your Child's Social IQ: Helping Children Learn the Skills They Need to Make and Keep Friends Inside and Outside the Classroom—This lecture will highlight several key social skills necessary for children to make and maintain relationships with others. Ms. Cohen will offer creative tips, techniques, and games for you to play at home or in the classroom with children to insure social success.

October 3: Is Your Child Anxious? What Parents Need to Know—Topics include: common signs and symptoms of anxiety in youth, what parents can do to help a child who is struggling with anxiety, understanding treatment options, and current research in pediatric anxiety conducted at NIMH. Updated on 10/1/12: This lecture will be held from 7-8:30 pm.

October 17: The Brain in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder—Several groups have found that the brain in children with ADHD may show some subtle differences from children who do not have ADHD—particularly in those regions that are critical for the control of action and attention.

November 14: ADHD-Friendly Parent Coaching: An Introduction—This lecture will bring together the best evidenced-based parenting approaches to address the special challenges of ADHD.

December 5: Seeing What Others Do Not See or Cannot See: Dyslexic Talents in Scientific Discovery, Technological Design and Entrepreneurial Business—This lecture will look at the ways that dyslexia is linked to success in an increasing number of fields.

January 16: Finding the Fit: Fostering Success in the Postsecondary World—This lecture will provide information on the transition process. It will offer information on gauging college readiness and appropriate placements.

February 13: A Portrait of Caring Classroom Communities: Responsive Classroom at The Lab School—This lecture looks at the Responsive Classroom program that focuses on enhancing the sense of shared community in the classroom.

March 6: The Impact of Adventure Sports on Children and Adolescents with Learning Disabilities, Executive Functioning Weaknesses and ADHD: Benefits for Kids and Parents—This lecture will offer an overview of adventure programming from wilderness interventions to recreational adventure opportunities. It will cover research connected with adventure based activities and personal examples of its effectiveness in building self-esteem, stronger relationships, and coping skills.

April 10: Teaching or Parenting the Sometimes Challenging Adolescent: Observing the Observable and Finding More Effective Ways to Get Teens to Listen!—This interactive lecture will review the common pitfalls in communication and conflict resolution between adolescents and adults, and suggest proven strategies to gain a more peaceful co-existence with the adolescents in our lives.

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