Monday, December 7, 2009

On Seclusion and Restraint

There has been a flurry of reports recently about the use of seclusion rooms in some Frederick County, Maryland, public schools. The issue has gotten local press recently because plans for an addition to Oakdale Elementary School show classrooms, restrooms, a faculty room, and a seclusion room, according to a Frederick News-Post article.

Seclusion rooms are used to isolate children whom teachers believe to be a physical threat to themselves or others or who are disrupting the educational process. Most often these students are special education students. And sometimes the results of the use of these rooms can be disastrous.

While there is much evidence of nationwide misuse of seclusion rooms, some support them, as evidenced in this News-Post editorial.

Tomorrow AutMont will feature a guest post on steps to take to protect your child from abusive restraint or seclusion in schools. I would be interested to hear from AutMont readers about what their opinions or experiences with public school restraint and seclusion are.


Anonymous said...

Our R&S story is here:

Jean said...

Oh, Anonymous, I am so sorry. Yours is such a horrible and tragic story. Made worse by the knowledge that it happens over and over. I am so, so sorry.